Make A Snowman Cheese Ball

It is so easy to make a snowman cheese ball that even an 8 year old can do it!

Deb’s Snowman Cheese Ball

The images on this page were made with 2 times the recipe below. One cream cheese block of 8 oz will make enough for a small snowman cheese ball. If you want a big snowman or multiple snowmen then double the recipe.
Snowman Cheese Ball

8 oz cream cheese
1 garlic clove -pressed
1 Tbs fresh herb of choice
4 oz blue cheese (or feta)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together then shape your snowmen.

I used walnuts for the ground, rosemary sprigs for the arms, mushroom for a hat, a carrot nose and cloves for the eyes.

The mouth and buttons were cut from raisins and the scarf is zucchini.

Jeniah’s Snowman Cheese Balls

My niece Jeniah took the whole snowman cheeseball concept to a new level making a whole family of snowmen.

She used nuts for the eyes and mouth and celery for the scarf.

When I arrived at Jeniah’s house on Christmas she was proud to show me her creation!

This is a fun recipe for the whole family that will be enjoyed by all!

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