Debbie Banana School Wellness Programs

Debbie Banana AKA Food Is Your Best Medicine is a school wellness program that can be presented to all ages.

This fun, interactive and attention-grabbing assembly is sure to keep the attention of students in all grade levels.

Children, teens and teachers alike will be on the edges of their seats.

Whether we call it “The Debbie Banana Program” or “Food Is Your Best Medicine” for the older students, when the kids leave this assembly they will understand the difference between whole foodS and processed foods.

Elementary School Wellness Programs

Fast-paced and full of surprises, Debbie Banana teaches your students what is actually in that box of yellow macaroni and cheese.

They will be invited to take action and become willing to make better food choices.

This is a school wellness education program like you have never seen before.

Your students will be asking their parents to cook from scratch and purchase foods with fewer non-food additives.

On Behalf of the ‘Take Your Child To Work Day’ committee, thank you for presenting your program to our employees’ children here at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick.

Your message comparing whole foods to processed foods is relevant as many individuals don’t know proper nutrition in our society. Your fun and interactive style impacted the kids, Staff and parents. Many children commented on how wonderful your program is.

Craig W. Reynolds, Ph.D, Director, Department Of Health & Human Services,
National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD

Invite Deb to your elementary, middle or high school assembly to change the way your students and staff think about the foods they eat.

Food Is Your Best Medicine High School Wellness Program

Food Is Your Best Medicine is the more mature version of Debbie Banana.

This fun, interactive high school healthy education program will take the teenagers by surprise. Our bodies need to last the rest of our lives. They will be shocked to learn what they are really eating and how it is affecting their future.

In this program the kids will learn what really is in some of that “healthy” and not so healthy food they are eating.

Is it life sustaining or life threatening? Your high school students will learn the difference between the nutritional value of whole foods and processed foods, and the impact chemicals and non-food additives have on their bodies.

An interactive power point coupled with an empowering and dynamic presentation will impact the audience on their level. They will learn real life solutions on how to live a long and healthy life through better food choices. The students will come away with the ability to avoid bad foods and still eat what they enjoy. They will learn skills necessary to live healthy without dieting.

Your student body absolutely deserves the benefits of this fun, exciting healthy seminar. This is not your typical boring healthy talk! I promise! The high school program may be presented in the individual classrooms or in a school assembly format.

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