Sales Policy Template For Direct Selling Company

Writing a policy and procedure manual for a direct selling company can be a formidable task. This sales policy template includes all the important considerations that a liberal 21st century start up company should plan for.

The Sales Policy Template Includes

When starting a direct sales company it is essential that you put your policy and procedures into place BEFORE you begin bringing in distributors. Using this direct sales specific sales policy template will ensure you do not miss something that could cause you trouble later.

This sales policy template includes everything necessary to protect both the company and the distributor in both online and offline concerns. It is delivered to you in the form of an editable word document that you then customize to the unique business model of your company.

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As a new start up company, the topics covered within the sales policy template will become your step by step path to launch as well as a guide to use during any consulting services you may commission.

Online Policy Template

Some of the headings in the online policy section of the template (8 pages) are:

  • Affiliate Website Program
  • Independent Blog/Website
  • Selling Products Online
  • Online Classifieds
  • Banner Advertisement
  • HyperLinks
  • Search Engines
  • Sponsored Links
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • AdsSpam Linking
  • Digital Media Submissions
  • Spam
  • Privacy Policy
  • And MORE!

General Sales Policy Template

Some of the headings in the general policy section of the template (12 pages) are:

  • Getting Started With Company
  • Obligations Of Consultants
  • Active Consultant And/Or Cancellation
  • Business Kit
  • Refunds
  • Kit Enhancements
  • Return Of Product
  • Guarantee Of Customer Satisfaction
  • Order Payments – Credit Card, Check
  • Obligations Of Enrollers & Business Builders
  • Delivery Of Goods
  • The Consultant Identification Number
  • Record Keeping For Federal, State And Local Purposes
  • Conflicts Of Interest & Cross Recruiting
  • Sale Of Competing Goods
  • Consultant Participation In Other Direct Selling Companies
  • Targeting Other Direct Sellers
  • Awards
  • Advertising, Trademark, And Trade Name Restriction

The policies and procedures for your company are by no means cookie cutter.

Using this sales policy template you will have a step by step format to follow that you customize to your company. The template includes all the procedures that a 21st company should consider. You then, based on the corporate culture make it yours.

The template will save you thousands of hours of research, time and attorney fees. It has been looked at by an attorney but it is recommended that you run it by your MLM accountant after completing the final document.

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