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Deb Bixler joined a party plan company in 1999 with the purpose of using the business model as a transitional tool to exit the stress-filled corporate world.

In only 9 months she was able to replace her corporate salary and during the following years used the party plan business model as her total household income.

Corporate Consulting – Party Plan Start Up

Deb Bixler has become the go-to person for anything in regard to party plan. She provides corporate consulting, field coaching and training as well as direct sales start up guidance and consultations.

Whether you want to improve your existing company or start one from scratch with your unique vision, Deb is the person for you!

Direct Sales Seminars

Deb Bixler is an exciting motivational speaker. Often called the party plan guru she is an expert in the party plan business field.

Her direct sales seminars have just the right mix of down to earth training, life experiences, humor and action steps to get your team motivated!

Not only does she talk the talk… the training concepts come from 30 years of corporate success transferred into the party plan model, walking the walk for over 7 years in the field! (Deb is not affiliated with any direct sales company now!)

She teaches home party plan consultants proven systems that increase sales, create caring and sharing teams and keep the calendars full!

These systems or best business practices work for any company, any product line, any business model!

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Party Plan Sales Training

Her 10 years as the host of the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio and the webmaster for the award-winning Cash Flow Show party plan training center made Deb Bixler one of the leading authorities in party plan education.

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direct sales coaching As Seen On WGAL TV
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Recognized around the world, she has been honored multiple years by the Direct Selling Power 50 as well as the Women Of Power awards!

Some of the most popular direct sales seminars include:

  • 63 Ways To Find Business: There really are UNLIMITED leads out there!
  • 2 Or More Bookings At Every Party: The easiest place to schedule shows is at a party!
  • Reduce Cancellations: Book them and keep them!!
  • 5 I’s Of Recruiting: The steps to create a sharing team – inform, invite, interview, income, increase levels.
  • Explode Expo Results: A trade show training workshop to generate leads!
  • Professionalism Is An Attitude, Not A Time Commitment: Create a consistent year round business!
  • What Is Direct Sales Marketing: Understand the meaning of marketing and you can sell anything!
People never fail, only systems fail…

If you are not getting the results you want, then get a new system!

Deb Bixler, Party Plan Sales Guru

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