Corporate Party Plan Consulting

Hire Deb Bixler for all your corporate party plan consulting needs!

Whether you are starting a brand new party plan business, need a corporate trainer, coach, or just someone to bounce ideas off of, Deb is the party plan consultant for you!

As a corporate home party plan business consultant Deb Bixler creates training manuals, party plan invitations, company policy guidelines and all the peripheral materials your party plan company needs.

In order to be a credible company a new party plan business must have certain basic support materials in place in order to start bringing in their field distributors.

party plan consulting

Policy Guidelines For Direct Sales

When starting a new party plan company it is essential that you have your policies and guidelines in place before bringing on your ground floor team.

We create both general policy manuals and online policy guideline manuals for your start up company. Make sure YOU get off on the right foot.

Home Party Plan Training Manuals

Deb Bixler is a party plan success story and a home business seminar presenter who is an expert in achieving results from home businesses.

As a corporate business consultant for companies just starting out in the party plan business model, Deb will create training programs and manuals that will set your field consultants up for success.

Home Party Plan Invitations

Party plan is a simple business model and if you never did it before the details can be baffling. Your new consultants expect certain things in place before they sign on….

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The image on this page is a sample of a home party plan invitation that Deb and her team created for an established jewelry company new to the world of party plan.

From the “Host Planning” flier to the “Opportunity” brochure and full training manuals to include in the kit, Deb will make your launch stress free!

Corporate Party Plan Consulting

Hire a home party success story to be the business consultant creating the training materials for your sales organization!

Deb’s training program the Create A Cash Flow Show website teaches distributors how to do direct sales using systems that teach best-business practices for home business success.

These ideas are organized in a series of systems that, when incorporated into any direct sales business, will result in an increase in party sales, more customers, more bookings and more opportunities to grow your sales team.

Let Deb set your new company up for success! Your sales consultants deserve it!

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