Best Healthy Natural Sugar Substitutes

Generally speaking it is best to reduce and eliminate added sugars or sweeteners whenever possible.

Having said that though, we all need to satisfy our sweet tooth on occasion and who wants to totally skip dessert anyway!?

Natural carbohydrates and sweeteners serve several purposes in our bodies.

Creating energy, adding fiber, as well as giving us a wide variety of vitamins and minerals are just a few reasons that we have a desire for sweet things.

Replacing Sugar With Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

Americans and especially those who are diabetic seem to try to reduce sugar by consuming non-nutritive sweeteners.

Artificially-produced chemical sweeteners serve no purpose to our health and have a negative health effect.

Chemical substitute sweeteners do not give our body the needed energy to maintain life.

As a result a craving for sugar, our body’s preferred choice for energy, is created, causing more empty calories to be consumed.

The best substitutes for sugar in a any diet (including diabetics) would be to use less sweeteners. Any that you do consume should have fiber, vitamins and minerals whenever possible, such as natural fruits.

Any time fiber is included with a sugar it will slow down the absorption and keep blood sugar levels in line.

Everyone needs sugars to maintain energy levels. It is a fine line for diabetics to keep energy levels up and blood sugars in line.

All natural sugars contain calories. There is no way around it, so look for value-packed calories and consume in moderation.

Natural Sugar Substitutes

There are many plant based natural sugars that can easily be substituted in various recipes to give sweetness as well as provide natural wholesome goodness in the form of fiber as well as vitamins and minerals.

Here are some good sugar substitutes:
Natural Sugar Substitutes

Pure Stevia, Recipe & Products

The herb stevia can be purchased in many garden centers across the US and is an easy way to bring pure stevia to your table and your sweet tooth.

The herb stevia and the related products are 200-300 times as sweet as refined cane sugar.

Pick a stevia leaf and eat it and you will be amazed at how sweet it is for a minimum of calories. Studies have shown that stevia extract effectively regulates blood sugar.

Try this quick sweet tea stevia recipe!
Stevia Natural Sugar SubstituteBrew 2 quarts of hot tea. Instead of adding sugar add 3 crushed stevia leaves to to the warm tea.

After brewing, remove the leaves and refrigerate. Experiment with the recipe until you find the sweetness you desire.

Healthy living is all about eating real food choices. Refined sugars and chemical substitutes do not contribute to good health at all.

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