How To Roast A Pepper – Poblano Pepper Recipe

Of course it is easier to buy a pepper already roasted, but there are many reasons that you may want to learn how to roast a pepper!

  • Better Flavor!
  • More Fun!
  • It is easy!
  • More variety in types of peppers!
  • Cheaper!

At the grocery store you are pretty much limited to roasted red peppers. At home it is not that complicated and you can use any type of pepper you want.

This is a poblano pepper. I especially like poblano peppers because of their smooth smokey flavor even before roasting. The roasting process enhances their natural flavors!
How To Roast A Pepper

How To Roast A Pepper

  1. Wash and dry your pepper(s).
  2. Oil them up really well. I usually use olive oil but you can use any kind of oil you want.
  3. Place the pepper on a preheated hot grill and grill until BLACK – I mean black!!
  4. When charred on all sides remove from grill and immediately wrap in parchment paper. This steams the pepper.
  5. After about 30 minutes or longer open your paper and gently peel the pepper. The skin will come off easily.
  6. The seeds will also pop out pretty easily by a gentle tug on the stem.
  7. Rinse your pepper(s) under cold water to get any charred pieces of skin off and you are ready to use it!

If The Recipe Calls For Roasted Red Pepper…

Any recipe that calls for a roasted red pepper can use any kind of roasted pepper in it.

Most recipes call for red peppers because you can not find roasted poblano peppers or other varieties in your conventional grocery store.

The meat of the pepper will be striped with black after peeling, but it will not have a burnt taste.

If you do not have a grill the same effect can be accomplished by placing the oiled pepper right on an electric burner or an open gas stove flame. This is often the way restaurants do it.

Try to get your pepper charred on all sides but not burnt through.

Beware When Roasting Peppers

If you leave a pepper on the grill too long…. just forget about it, then it may turn into a dinosaur tooth!
Burnt Roast Pepper
This WELL burnt roasted pepper is as hard as a ceramic pepper and has the look, feel and life expectancy of your average dinosaur tooth!

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