My Two Aunts:
Gay Children’s Book

My Two Aunts is a children’s book designed to teach acceptance of same-sex diversity to young kids.

The world would be a different place if all children learned to value the diversity in people and not fear differences.

With all the negative forces going on around them it is sometimes hard for children to see the value in the differences people have.

My Two Aunts will give parents a comfortable format to use in helping children to value diversity.

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Written from the perspective of a 5-year-old, My Two Aunts offers information that helps children learn about diversity in a light-hearted and realistic way that children will understand.
My Two Aunts

Most children today hear about same-sex relationships on TV, from friends or in school.

My Two Aunts is a positive book that teaches children about a lesbian relationship in a fun format. The book will remove the stigma from discussing gay and lesbian relationships with children.


Comfortable Answers To LGBT Questions From Kids


Deb wrote My Two Aunts in response to her sister’s questions on how to explain gay and lesbian relationships to her small children.

The book focuses on everyday activities that all children participate in (with lots of pictures).

My Two Aunts is a perfect educational tool for parents to use that will create a comfortable environment for discussing the sometimes uncomfortable topic of homosexuality with children.

Buy My Two Aunts On Amazon