Food Is Your Best Medicine

Food is the best medicine and the Doctrine Of Signatures is an old-fashioned philosophy that food actually tells us what body part it can heal.

Using real foods that are good for you, you can take advantage of the often-quoted phrase “Food Is Your Best Medicine.”

Food Is Your Best Medicine – It Heals

Good for you foods really can keep your body on the right side of health!

Take a quick look at this list and you will easily see that food really is your best medicine and it tells you what it heals!

Food Is MedicineA tomato looks like your heart. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the research shows tomatoes are high in antioxidants and good for your heart.

Kidney beans look just like the kidney and are high in fiber and assist in kidney functioning.

It is pretty obvious that a sliced carrot looks just like an eye. It is well known that carrots are good for eye health. I am sure we have all heard “eat your carrots; they are good for your eyes!”

The List Goes On

Science has proven that sweet potatoes are good for diabetics because they make our body able to process sugars better, and guess what? They look like your pancreas!

Today’s research shows that when anyone eats a avocado per week their cholesterol will come down. In addition the same studies show that it balances female hormones and reduces chance of cervical cancers.

Looks kind of like a woman’s womb… doesn’t it?

A Walnut looks like a little brain. They have been called the brain food for years.
Food Is Your Best Medicine
Celery and other ribbed plants like bok choy or rhubarb look a bit like bones. Studies have shown that they are good for your bones.

Bones and celery are both made up of 23% sodium. Isn’t that interesting?!

The World’s Healthiest Foods

Let’s face it, the world’s healthiest foods are real foods that are served unadulterated.

This list could go on forever. Science is finally catching up to some of the oldest wive’s tales and substantiating the belief that food really is your best medicine.

Other Good Foods That Heal

Grapes are good for your heart and your blood. A grape cluster looks like your heart and a grape looks like a blood cell when cut.

Research shows that onions help get rid of toxins in the body’s cells. Onions look like cells.

The list can go on forever because good food really is your best medicine and does heal your body.

Carrie Schaffer, Charlottesville, VA is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist providing therapy and counseling for groups, individuals and couples.

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